The Serapeum of Saqqara — MKW Explores Ancient Places

This is an in-depth look at the extraordinary Serapeum in Saqqara in Egypt. Situated close to the step pyramid in Saqqara and discovered by the french egyptologist Auguste Mariette in 1850. After using dynamite to access the underground labyrinth of tunnels, twenty five precision cut huge granite boxes were discovered. Apparently only one of these […]

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On the piss

On the piss. A funny saying here in the UK for when something is on the lean or not in a straight line (not sure if it’s common elsewhere). Also used for going out to get inebriated. On the lash being an interchangeable term for this also, and now and again one might use getting shit faced to explain what your purpose is for a Friday night or weekend. I love language and its uses and meaning!

Yesterday we had a bit of play in the sun with the ball. On the way back she looked as if she would fall over 🤣 action shots are so much fun.

(c) K Wicks

While we work… (poetry)

While we work

Through all the stress

It may just seem

That it’s hopeless

Cornered in

They try to make

The truth appear

From something fake

Planting seeds

Of what comes next

Then lay the words

And the context

Within your mind

It does then stir

And not long after

Seems to occur

Because you knew

Well in advance

It helped to keep

You in their trance

Waiting to see

When they will give

The people back

A chance to live

But some won’t wait…

Rhyme and Reason

(c) K Wicks