It looked sinister

Slightly updated to add in some sources to back up these observations, I understand it won’t be nice for anyone who hadn’t previously noticed or considered some of the issues being highlighted here. But I have no doubt it may still be perceived as ‘conspiracy talk’ to some.

We can’t be sure at this point, but a chain of events seemed to unfold. Some saw it as a warning of what was to come, and theorised what would happen.

I will explain from my point of view, I don’t speak for others.

Last year, only a week before official lockdown was declared, covid was downgraded to a non highly infectious disease on the gov website.

In the same month, they suddenly suspended the 1902 cremation act. This act was put in place to make sure two doctors had to sign off on death certificates. That is what led to Harold Shipman being caught. So I was concerned when I noticed that had been suspended.

Then they restricted access to care homes and visits by family and loved ones. No-one would be able to see if anything untoward was occurring. There have been reports since of that time, of hundreds of people being left to die of dehydration during the first lockdown. Not a nice way to go, and completely avoidable. – Link to article detailing this

Then there was the ventilators drive. I did not like the high mortality rate once the ventilators got involved, and it was a big fear factor in the propaganda. Evidently it turns out that they shouldn’t have used them for so many. Article here As well as what seems to be a directive from somewhere to put DNR’s (Do Not Resuscitate) orders on people without consent. Not just the elderly, even just for people with learning disabilities. Article here.

In recent months we have learnt that huge quantities of Midazolam was ordered and administered, of which the side affects are breathing problems and is used as a heavy sedative and as end of life drugs.

And we can’t forget the dancing nurses in empty hospitals, barricades to stop the public. To ‘save the nhs’. That phrase has become a sick joke, that we the people are here to serve and save the very institution we have paid into our whole lives. That it can and is being weilded as an instrument of ransom and intimate control over peoples lives is disturbing.

And still now, they have doomed thousands if not millions to a fate of pain and worry by cancelling everything routine ‘just in case’. They have already dismantled the NHS as you knew it and it just seems like a weapon of control and a cash cow. It just seems a formality that they haven’t announced it yet. I do not doubt that there are good people within in, but does not appear to be any who run it or use it against us.

I was not born to save the NHS, none of us were, yet this is the repeated narrative and given reason for everything these days. It was never about health and that much has been made obvious by the way they have ignored existing health problems and created a whole set of new ones.

It was a chain of events, spelling out that something nefarious has played out in front of us. Maybe I’m wrong, and those things are all coincidences. Like all the other things…

(c) K Wicks

3 thoughts on “It looked sinister

  1. I never would’ve believed how evil people can be, the brainwashing stopped 7 years ago when i got rid of tv and stopped buying daily rags, these people need to be prosecuted for genocide.

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